I am on a cruise. Yeah, this is the sort of thing my parents used to do. I admit; I’ve been on cruises before (two with my parents before they passed away as part of family vacations). Last January, my two sisters asked me if I wanted to join them on a cruise. They are now part of that “cruise community” meaning they are frequent cruisers – at least once a year.

What I didn’t realize when I agreed to go on the trip was that I was booking myself on the world’s largest cruise ship, the Liberty of the Seas. I won’t give you the specifics on the trip. I’ll just tell you that it is bloody big. Take a scan through my pics if you aren’t sure. This boat has 22 cocktail bars (one fashioned after a British pub, a Champagne bar, one with a nautical theme, etc.), two different pool areas (one for adults and one for kids), an ice skating, rink, a Johnny Rockets, a Ben & Jerry’s, and the Promenade displays a Morgan +4 vehicle.

The boat holds more than 4,300 people. It is essentially a floating hotel and the food is very similar to an upscale hotel, but not much better than that. I was given cautionary tales about gaining weight as there is a lot of food a lot of time, but I am finding it relatively easy to eat healthy and I am bound-and-determined to actually LOSE weight. There is also incentive with a stunningly large gymnasium and multiple athletic events; miniature golf, a climbing wall (I only got up half way, but I’ve got time to try again), a training surge pool where you can surf on a board, a basketball court, golf simulator, and boxing ring.

Yes, there is a casino (I won second place in the Blackjack tournament), an art auction (I bought a Goya lithograph), and a wine tasting later this afternoon (I’m not holding my breath that what is poured will be any good as the food is definitely mediocre). Oh, did I say the food is mediocre? But that’s okay – I’m here for family. But in the next few days, I’ll be exploring Haiti, Jamaica, the Cayman islands, and Cozumel. I will be repelling through the jungle, snorkeling with stingrays, and hearing Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life ringing in my ears….

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