Hello France!


In case you’ve been following along, Sunday marked our last day of scheduled events (and hotels). We rented a car and are setting out to just drive around and explore, heading first towards Lyon. I have some wonderful food adventures to share from Geneva and still need to write up my artistic thoughts about Gaudi and Dali from Barcelona.

We have to be back in Carouge (near Geneva) on Monday evening but so far, have booked no hotels and I am not researching any restaurants or eateries whatsoever; it is all going to be kismet. There was some concern about rain but it seems it will be just a sprinkle or two (funny, since my London bud informed me of snow a day or so before we arrived and that it snowed again yesterday). It seems that fortune is smiling down on the weather front, my only very rainy day was the visit to the Tate.

Gee, I like Europe!

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