Irati – in Barcelona

The first day in Barcelona was marred with lost luggage (now found) and a medical emergency (all taken care of). The luggage thing was sort of our fault; walking off the plane, while most of the travelers started walking down a very long hallway, we saw a sign immediately to our left which said "Baggage Claim." Well we were Terminal A and our baggage claim was in Terminal B and what this meant was that we suddenly were outside in a baggage claim for locals. This meant we did not go through any security or customs. It also meant that we couldn’t get back INSIDE where I luggage was… We headed to the hotel and proceeded to file a claim but — unfortunately for us — we had traveled British Airways and they were a *little inundated with dealing with another lost luggage crisis stemming from their Terminal Five debacle at Heathrow. So my first day in Barcelona was spent wandering around the Gothic quarter alone, trying to buy us a few garments of clothes whilst the medical emergency rested on his own in the hotel room… In my wanderings, I found this delightful restaurant which was just opening for the day, Irati.

I honestly wasn’t even sure if they were open yet as no one was inside. Then I watched a man come in. He was handed a plate and a small tumbler of wine. Then it was explained to me; take what you want and they count the toothpicks after you are done eating. It is Spanish dim sum with toothpicks as the counter instead of little plates! It was my first breakfast AND lunch and perfect. Bits of marinated fish topped with cheese, roasted peppers stuffed with cheese, a bit of olive oil-drenched olives and peppers… I ate five of them with two glasses of wine.

And I found a bit of clothes (I really hate shopping for clothes) but enjoyed the rest of the walk and exploration. It is very, very crowded and we are not even here on a weekend. I don’t mind at all. Today’s plan is the Maritime Museum and more walking. Lots and lots and lots of walking (yes, Lisa!).

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2 Responses to “Irati – in Barcelona”

  1. Lance Wright Says:

    I am soooo jealous!

  2. Cat Says:

    And on she rolls!
    Love ya!

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