Thar Be Absinthe!


Several weeks ago, multiple newspapers made the announcement that Absinthe was legal again. Legal or no, I had been experimenting with Absinthe in various forms for several years; friends who were making their own, other friends who were smuggling it themselves or having it smuggled into the country, and also ordering it myself from Alandia (with nary a hitch!).

During a lovely Sunday afternoon outing, I settled in at the bar at my favorite North Beach restaurant, Rose Pistola, when I spied an Absinthe fountain behind the counter. "Was it just decorative?" I asked our bartender? "Nope," Tom replied, as he reached up to show me the bottle; Distillée au Val-De-Travers, a Swiss-made version. For the record and for anyone who cares to send me gifts, I actually prefer the Swiss-made Absinthes…

Tom was very deft in his assembly, pulling out the appropriate spoons and sugar cubes. Okay, so they don’t have the right glasses. I can overlook that. Taste-wise, the Kübler is very strong with the burning licorice taste which killed the taste buds for the Bolognese I had ordered. Fortunately, I was pretty well sated with the lovely arugula salad and chickpea farinata I had already eaten with an earthy super Tuscan I had ordered, a 2003 Tassinaia. But what fun to have the full ritual of the Absinthe, more than expertly performed! Bravo, Tom!

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5 Responses to “Thar Be Absinthe!”

  1. AKmac Says:

    I posted over on chowhound but they deleted the thread- check out Broken Record @1166 Geneva ave- they even have a two dollar off happy hour before nine on absinthe

  2. Liesl Says:

    Such things make me wary…

  3. Toni Says:

    Very nice story! It is legal now in the US?
    I order my absinthe here

  4. The Absinthe Review Network Says:

    Yeah, the Kubler is definitely better than Lucid quality-wise, but it IS heavier on the anise (licorice-like flavour), so some people may be turned off by this. Tell him to ease up on the water to subdue the anise (anything over 3 parts water is excessive)…it makes a HUGE difference!

  5. Cat Says:

    Something for you…

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