The Color Purple

When I was in Argentina last year, I walked into a Hacienda with a
painted purple wall. It was expansive, elegant, and striking. Being a
life-long renter, I have always lived with white walls and dreamed of
the day when I could have my own purple wall. Most landlords don’t want
or will let renters paint walls but I was pleasantly surprised during a
recent move and I was told I was allowed to paint with color… My
chance at last!

Painting an entire wall purple (or any other dark color) is risky. It
can overpower and darken a room significantly. Also, I did not want any
old purple; nothing garish or obscene. I kept describing to friends
that I wanted an elegant purple — slightly muddy and earthy. Aubergine
(don’t you love that word?) Oh-bear-jzeeeeen...  I went to
several stores and looked through dozens of paint books. The purple I
wanted simply did not exist it seems. Then, during my move, my friend
Cassie asked if I had a sample of something which would show her the color
purple I had been brooding about. And then I found it: My inspiration
came in a bag of Turkish dried eggplant that my friend, Lisa, had
recently brought me from Istanbul. This was it!


I trotted down to the paint store with a hunk of dried eggplant in my pocket. They have this nifty machine that matches color and the plan was underway. I came home with two quarts of paint and a handful of rollers and brushes and got to work. It was my kitchen that was going to be swathed in all its dusty amethyst glory; not overwhelming because of the patchwork of cabinets and utensils, but definitely setting it apart from the rest of the apartment. Voila! My Purple Kitchen!



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  1. dorie Says:

    It’s a beautiful color and a lovely kitchen. Good for you for following your heart on this one.

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