Want art?

_44535827_auctioneer_afp226bAnd can’t afford it?

Move to France…

This is very quick commentary which made me chuckle. As reported in this morning’s BBC news, the French government "says interest-free loans will be offered to ‘modest’
buyers to purchase works and it is expanding incentives for companies
to buy."

I love it. I want to buy art but can’t quite afford it. Full report here, but the gist, under the scheme, is that members of the public will be granted interest-free loans worth up to 10,000 euros ($15,000, £8,000).

Mrs. Christine Albanel, the French Culture Minister, said the idea was "to bring private individuals closer to
this act of buying a work of art" adding that the loan "was the price,
for example, of a flat-screen television".

Brilliant idea – replace very flat-screen television with a great work of art in everyone’s home!

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  1. flyfish Says:

    Holy doodle! I wish the Canadian government would do something like this, since their Art Bank purchase program went mams up. Not that I am an interested party, married to a artist and all… :)

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