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Discovering Art

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

For the past several weeks, during the “time of transition,” I have been taking very long walks around the city of San Francisco. Beloved friend, Joan, came and stayed with me for a while and we expanded our horizons of walking explorations. In preparation for my housewarming party, I suggested we stock-up on sausages and cheeses from my favorite European market and since it is so far out on the Avenues, we decided to incorporate the trip with a walk on the beach. Arriving near The Cliff House restaurant, I saw a trail lead off on the right and suggested we walk that way. What I did not realize at the time was that we were on the Land’s End Trail.

It is a beautiful walk, in and out of woods, on a sandy trail, up and down stairs… All these were slightly expected as the walk is adjacent to the Golden Gate Park and The Presidio. What was not expected and entirely delightful, were bits of art. The first we found was on a log stump — a face cajoling and laughing at us in jest. I was thrilled and pointed it out to Joan, “See,” I exclaimed, “You know never know when you are going to stumble on some art!” It was a great beginning. We walked down a dark, meandering path so that I could touch the ocean and found a series of standing stones. A small cluster were grouped on a large piece of driftwood and larger groupings were scattered throughout the rocks. I was getting giddy. Continuing the walk, yet another creation — or should I say recreation? — of the Chartres Labyrinth in rocks.

What a fabulous day and what a fabulous way to explore the city and get inspired for the adventure which awaits me!

Barcelona Food Porn

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

These are a handful of pics of food from Barcelona. Well, that first shot is actually behind a closed window of a dry-goods shop and the towels which were decoratively displayed in such a delectable fashion. Most are from the market. What the Borough market in London does for cheese, the St. Joseph La Boqueria market in Barcelona does for fish…

Yes, there is a lot more available for purchase as seen by the bounty of fruits and vegetables and meat, but it is the quantity and quality of fish which astound. We talked about renting an apartment so we could just shop at the market and prepare our own meals and I think that next time, that simply must be done. Especially since I was unable to eat at most of the finer restaurants I was hoping to… Not that what I ate was especially bad (okay, the Kangaroo Carpaccio ranks up there with being incredibly regrettable), but I know I missed some truly stellar establishments by sufficing with what was convenient.